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Cabal Online: Blader In-Depth Class Guide


Cabal Online: Blader In-Depth Class Guide

Speed is the bread and butter of bladers of Cabal Online. Like thief and assassin classes in other MMORPGs, bladers specialize in avoiding getting hit by attacks and dealing a lot of small bursts of damage really, really quickly to take down their enemies. This guide will cover stat distribution, skill selection, and gear.


The blader does not need int except to meet prerequisites for armor sets, so keep int at a minimum—in fact, you can just opt to never invest any points in int because the bonus int point you get as you progress are likely to be enough. Distribute dex and str depending on the type of gear you intend to wear.


The mandatory skills for bladers are:
Aura Barrier – Buff (HP and def increase)
Iron Skin – Buff (HP and def increase)
Vital Interfere- Stun
Mirage Step- Buff (Def rate increase)
Force kick- Stun
Soul Blade- Buff (Attack increase)
Lightning Slash- Attack skill
Blade Scud- Attack skill

All the skills of expert level and above are mandatory, so be sure to max them out, as well.

For upgrade skills, get Vitality Mastery, Defensive Sense, Offensive Sense, Damage Absorb, Impact Control, and Sixth Sense for pvp. Get Vitality Mastery, Reflex, Offensive Sense, Sixth Sense, Damage Absorb, Impact Control for pve. This simply follows the defense rate for monsters, defense for players rule.


PvE for bladers emphasizes on defense rate over defense because bladers have fewer hp than the classes that specialize on having huge amounts of hp. Therefore it is better to avoid getting hit by monsters at all. On the other hand, other players make sure that they always have enough attack rating to hit even the highest defense rates. The short of it is, if you want to focus of pve, customize your armor to give higher defense rate and if you want to focus of pvp, go for higher defense.
As for weapons, blades don’t really have much difference with katanas. Just get the best one that you can wear depending on your stats. The two swords are basically the same except that blades require more strength and katanas require more dex.
For upgrades, try to boost your damage with every piece of equipment you get. Because bladers attack really fast, added crit rate is good. However, sword amplification and increased critical damage are also top picks.


It seems that the best combo with the best mixture of simplicity and effectiveness is Blade Scud 9, Blade Cry 19, then Mirage Grind 20. Bladers just need the quickest skills around and cycling these three will not disappoint. Of course, you can always experiment with other skills, especially ones that involve some way to incapacitate your enemy. However, for pve, it might be a good idea to focus on dealing the most damage per second and let the wizards and force shielders keep the monsters stunned.

That’s all for the blader, at least at this time. Enjoy your bladers, and have fun in Nevareth.

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    Posted by


    Bard 5 months ago

    Can I do any class like a Force Blader from Cabal Online?

    When I played Cabal, the most interesting and well designed class, IMO, was the Force Blader, but I didn't find a way to do it in Dnd, could you guys help me?

    Edit: it's a dexterous, one-handed swordsman that enchants his weapon with magic, dealing more damage and/or applying buffs/nerfs. Sometimes using magic to deal direct damage too.


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    level 1


    2 points · 5 months ago

    Wizard(Bladesinger) Warlock(Pact of the Blade/Hexblade) Paladin/Sorcerer

    Just about any Gish swordmage type setup.

    Wish they'd bring back duskblade from 3/3.5.

    level 2


    BardOriginal Poster1 point · 5 months ago

    Thanks, and which spells are more like the enchant weapon type? My main dmg (99% of it) would be with the sword, giving preference to finesse weapons, and augumenting them

    level 3


    2 points · 5 months ago

    Booming Blade(cantrip), Green-Flame Blade(cantrip).

    Magic Weapon, Elemental Weapon, Shadow Blade

    level 1


    DM2 points · 5 months ago

    Looking at spells that do what you want, it seems like a Paladin, or a Forge Cleric are pretty close to what you want, as they both get access to Magic Weapon, Elemental Weapon and Holy Weapon, which all add various kinds of damage to your weapon attacks.

    level 1


    2 points · 5 months ago

    Paladin. When they connect with a weapon attack, they can spend a spell slot to do extra damage.

    They can also enchant their weapon with spells like Searing Smite, Thunderous Smite, Wrathful Smite, Branding Smite, Magic Weapon, Blinding Smite, Crusader's Mantle, Elemental Weapon, Staggering Smite, Banishing Smite, and Holy Weapon.

    level 1


    1 point · 5 months ago

    Eldritch Knight – Fighter

    level 2


    BardOriginal Poster1 point · 5 months ago

    Thanks. Which spells are more like the enchant weapon type, that I mentioned in the edit? Total noob here.

    level 3


    1 point · 5 months ago

    EDs have the same spells as wizards, but only abjuration and conjuration I think, just take a gander at the list.

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