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Practice Testbook’s Online Test Series for GATE Mechanical Engineering (ME) & ace GATE 2018! Get Free Online Mock Tests based on Latest Pattern & Syllabus.

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GATE ME Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I enroll for the GATE 2018 Online Test Series?
  1. Feel the real GATE 2018 on our tests
    • Includes everything that you are expected to face in GATE 2018
    • Truly GATE like questions, the best of Testbook – designed by highly experienced GATE experts and top rankers.
    • Leave no surprises for the test day – get yourself acquainted with GATE Online Exam interface on our tests
  2. India’s most comprehensive Test Series for GATE
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    • 28 Subject Tests – Practice and master individual subject.
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Do I need to pay for the test?
No, not all tests are paid, some of them are free while some of them are paid ones.
Will the paper pattern be exactly like the GATE 2018 paper?
Yes, we will try our level best to provide you the real exam feel in terms of exam pattern and quality of questions.
Why is it asking for my phone number and registration details?
Phone number and email id is to ensure that we can track back your transaction in case you face any technical issue during payment. Testbook assures you that it would not be used for any other purpose.
Registration number is to ensure that only real aspirants appear for the Test Series so that the best possible estimate of your rank can be obtained
What is Rewards Program?
Testbook wishes to reward its meritorious students to prepare and perform well in the GATE 2018. Hence, we are conducting 2 live tests under the Rewards Program Package. Under this program, meritorious students in GATE 2018 will be rewarded as per following criteria:

  • In each stream, students who secure under 100 rank in GATE 2018 and are among top 1% students in the Rewards Program (2 Live Tests) will be awarded Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (3 GB + 32 GB).
  • In each stream, students with under 500 rank in GATE 2018 and who are also among top 5% students in the Rewards Program (2 Live Tests) will be awarded Xiaomi Redmi 4 (2 GB + 16 GB).
  • You can enroll in the Rewards Program by purchasing the Rewards Program pack that contains 2 Live Tests.

Note: Testbook reserves the right to change the rewards, within similar price range, at any point of time without any notification

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Career Avenues is leading GATE coaching institute offering GATE 2015, GATE 2016 classroom programs, correspondence programs & test Series Papers. Our centre's available in Mumbai (Andheri/Juhu), Navi Mumbai (Vashi), Ahmedabad (Chandkheda, Vastrapur), Bangalore, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Patiala, Kochi, Hyderabad & Pune.

  • Whatsapp+91 9930 40 63 49

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GATE Mechanical Engineering

Career Avenues GATE Courses for Mechanical Engineering (ME branch)
No. 1 institute for GATE Mechanical.
Over 100 students get admission into IITs/IISc
in GATE 2014, 2015 and 2016


Career Avenues conducts Classroom Program for General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics and Mechanical Core Topics at all our offices. Please contact the office closest to you for fees and batch details.

Career Avenues Classes are designed to ensure an optimum mix of theoretical learning and problem solving. We aim to overall spend atleast 50% of the class time in question solving, and cover atleast 5 years of past GATE questions in class.

Our faculties are all from IIT or IISc with a top GATE score.

All India Telephone Number (Call/SMS/Whatsapp): 0-99304 06349


The postal course comprises theory booklets in the areas of general aptitude, engineering mathematics and  all Mechanical Engineering technical areas as per GATE syllabus + Past GATE questions+ Free Online Standard Test Series.

Comprises theory and questions in Strength of Material, Engineering Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Applications, Manufacturing Processes, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Machine Design, TOM, etc.

Upgrade anytime to Combo course or Classroom course by paying difference in fees

Study material made by IITians and GATE toppers. Revised this year as per latest GATE pattern.

Course Fee (with Online Standard Test Series):

a) Printed Books : Rs. 8000
b) Books (Soft copy on Pen Drive): Rs. 6000
c) Books (Soft copy online) : Rs. 4500

See sample material below.

Also see details of our most popular course : Combo Course = Postal course + VDO lectures


Postal Course (with Online Standard Test Series):

a) Printed Format: Rs. 8000            

b) Pen Drive (Soft copy): Rs. 6000           

c) Online (Soft copy): Rs. 4500

VDO Lectures (with Online Standard Test Series):

d) GATE Drive: Rs. 5500

e) Online: Rs. 4000

Combo (Postal + VDO with Online Standard Test Series): Most Popular

a+d: Rs. 10000          a+e: Rs. 8500         

b+d: Rs. 7000            c+e: Rs. 6000

Online Standard Test Series: Rs. 1500

Online Special Test Series: Rs. 750

To enroll any of our Online, Study Material, Video Lectures, Postal, Combo or Test Series Courses; click here:  GATE Mechanical Library

Video Lecture Course (GATE Drive or Online)

The Video Lectures comprise all areas of general aptitude, engineering mathematics and core Mechanical areas as per GATE syllabus.

GATE Drive is a secure pen drive and can work on any laptop or PC on any operating system. Internet not required.

Over 520 Video lectures by our classroom faculty.

Learn Core Mechanical concepts from IITians.

Free Online Standard Test Series.

Upgrade anytime to Combo course or Classroom course by paying difference in fees

Course Fee (with Online Standard Test Series): 

d) GATE Drive : Rs. 5500 (for latest GATE validity)
e) Online Video Lectures: Rs. 4000 (for latest GATE validity)

Extended validity : Rs. 1000 per year

Combo Course (Postal + Video Lectures)

Most popular GATE prep program in the country. Postal Course + Video Lectures!!

Comprehensive preparation. Almost as good as a classroom.

Upgrade anytime to Classroom course by paying difference in fees.

Course Fee (with Online Standard Test Series):

Course Fee (Printed Books and Video Lectures on Pen Drive): Rs. 10000

Course Fee (Printed Books and Online Video Lectures): Rs. 8500

Course Fee (Softcopy Books and Video Lectures – on Pen Drive): Rs. 7000

Course Fee (Softcopy Books and Video Lectures – Online): Rs. 6000


GATE Mechanical Test Series (Online)

85+ section tests covering all areas of GATE including Mechanical Engineering technical, Math and General aptitude, including past GATE Mechanical questions.

10 full length GATE Mechanical mock tests.

All questions with detailed explanatory answers.

Online Test platform just like GATE with Virtual Calculator and Automated Strength/Weakness Analysis.

Can be downloaded as an App on Smartphones too.

Rated best test platform in India.

Standard Test Series: Rs. 1500 (85+ section tests (40+ Mechanical, 20+ General Aptitude & 25+ Maths) + 10 Full GATE Mechanical Test Mocks)

Special Test Series: Rs. 750 (10 Full GATE Mechanical Test Mocks)

Past GATE Results (Mech Branch)
You require 98 percentile to get into top IITs.

99.97 percentile: Sooraj
99.47 percentile: Rahul
99.70 percentile: Shrishail
99.63 percentile: Peter
98.37 percentile: Nairit
99.80 percentile: Vyankatesh
99.47 percentile: Parth
99.08 percentile: Arpita
99.10 percentile: Gururajan

Faculty Profile (Mech Branch)

26 active ME faculty from IITs and IISc

IIT Mumbai – 14, IISc – 6, IIT Chennai – 3, IIT Kgp – 1, IIT Delhi – 2.

Faculty top GATE rank of AIR 3.


  • Apti Book for GATE
  • Linear Algebra Sample
  • ME Strength of Materials
  • ME Thermodynamics


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  • Harshal, XE

    Your Guidance through notes & tests was very much useful. Thanks Career Avenues team.
    Harshal, XE

  • Diksha, BT

    A very sincere thanks for all the help and support. It was very useful.
    Diksha, BT

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  • 4

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  • Aditya Raman (99.62 percentile)

    Thank you Career Avenues for the fantastic study material. It helped me do a structured preparation and enabled me to crack GATE.

  • Amit Talreja (99.89 percentile)

    Sir, I was able to achieve a top 20 AIR only with your help. Thanks you for solving my doubts so many times and guiding me on how to prepare.

  • Dola Banerjee (99.88 percentile)

    When I started, my Math concepts were very weak. As a student of Combo program, I really benefitted from the VDO lectures, especially in Mathematics and General Aptitude.

  • Ramesh Narayanan (99.94 percentile)

    The section tests and mocks helped me to prepare very well. I knew my weak areas and I worked on them. Thanks you Career Avenues.

  • Simran Mirchandani (99.33 percentile)

    Sir, your material for Textile really helped me. One request sir, please also provide video lectures for textile branch.

  • 1
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  • 3
  • 4
  • 5


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  • Altaf Razzaq (99.71 percentile)

    I would like to thank the faculty of Career Avenues who have made useful material for students like us. Without his material, I was not knowing how to study for my GATE.

  • Rashmi Sabharwal (99.73 percentile)

    I was a student of the classroom program. I would like to thank all the faculty who were very good and motivating, especially Amit sir for his strategy classes.

  • Shilpa Roy (99.42 percentile)

    I got final admission into 2 IITs. Getting into IIT has been my dream since childhood. Thanks you to the faculty of Career Avenues for the help and counseling that you provided.

  • Savitha Agarwal (99.87 percentile)

    Sir, I was a test series student and my roommate was a postal student of Career Avenues course. Both of us made it into IIT. Thank you for helping me realize my potential.

  • Father of student Raghvendra N (99.23 percentile)

    First of all, I have to compliment your organization for providing assistance to our children. I purchased the course in October and in 3 months, my ward was able to prepare fully and cracked the GATE. Your material and test series really helped him. Thank you Career Avenues.

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  • 5

Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering (ME)


Linear Algebra: Matrix algebra, Systems of linear equations, Eigen values and eigen vectors.

Calculus: Functions of single variable, Limit, continuity and differentiability, Mean value theorems, Evaluation of definite and improper integrals, Partial derivatives, Total derivative, Maxima and minima, Gradient, Divergence and Curl, Vector identities, Directional derivatives, Line, Surface and Volume integrals, Stokes, Gauss and Green’s theorems.

Differential equations: First order equations (linear and nonlinear), Higher order linear differential equations with constant coefficients, Cauchy’s and Euler’s equations, Initial and boundary value problems, Laplace transforms, Solutions of one dimensional heat and wave equations and Laplace equation.

Complex variables: Analytic functions, Cauchy’s integral theorem, Taylor and Laurent series.

Probability and Statistics: Definitions of probability and sampling theorems, Conditional probability, Mean, median, mode and standard deviation, Random variables, Poisson,Normal and Binomial distributions.

Numerical Methods: Numerical solutions of linear and non-linear algebraic equations Integration by trapezoidal and Simpson’s rule, single and multi-step methods for differential equations.


Engineering Mechanics: Free body diagrams and equilibrium; trusses and frames; virtual work; kinematics and dynamics of particles and of rigid bodies in plane motion, including impulse and momentum (linear and angular) and energy formulations; impact.

Strength of Materials: Stress and strain, stress-strain relationship and elastic constants, Mohr’s circle for plane stress and plane strain, thin cylinders; shear force and bending moment diagrams; bending and shear stresses; deflection of beams; torsion of circular shafts; Euler’s theory of columns; strain energy methods; thermal stresses.

Theory of Machines: Displacement, velocity and acceleration analysis of plane mechanisms; dynamic analysis of slider-crank mechanism; gear trains; flywheels.

Vibrations: Free and forced vibration of single degree of freedom systems; effect of damping; vibration isolation; resonance, critical speeds of shafts.

Design: Design for static and dynamic loading; failure theories; fatigue strength and the S-N diagram; principles of the design of machine elements such as bolted, riveted and welded joints, shafts, spur gears, rolling and sliding contact bearings, brakes and clutches.


Fluid Mechanics: Fluid properties; fluid statics, manometry, buoyancy; control-volume analysis of mass, momentum and energy; fluid acceleration; differential equations of continuity and momentum; Bernoulli’s equation; viscous flow of incompressible fluids; boundary layer; elementary turbulent flow; flow through pipes, head losses in pipes, bends etc.

Heat-Transfer: Modes of heat transfer; one dimensional heat conduction, resistance concept, electrical analogy, unsteady heat conduction, fins; dimensionless parameters in free and forced convective heat transfer, various correlations for heat transfer in flow over flat plates and through pipes; thermal boundary layer; effect of turbulence; radiative heat transfer, black and grey surfaces, shape factors, network analysis; heat exchanger performance, LMTD and NTU methods.

Thermodynamics:Zeroth, First and Second laws of thermodynamics; thermodynamic system and processes; Carnot cycle.irreversibility and availability; behaviour of ideal and real gases, properties of pure substances, calculation of work and heat in ideal processes; analysis of thermodynamic cycles related to energy conversion.

Applications:Power Engineering: Steam Tables, Rankine, Brayton cycles with regeneration and reheat. I.C. Engines: air-standard Otto, Diesel cycles. Refrigeration and air-conditioning: Vapour refrigeration cycle, heat pumps, gas refrigeration, Reverse Brayton cycle; moist air: psychrometric chart, basic psychrometric processes. Turbomachinery:Pelton-wheel, Francis and Kaplan turbines — impulse and reaction principles, velocity diagrams.


Engineering Materials: Structure and properties of engineering materials, heat treatment, stress-strain diagrams for engineering materials.

Metal Casting: Design of patterns, moulds and cores; solidification and cooling; riser and gating design, design considerations.

Forming: Plastic deformation and yield criteria; fundamentals of hot and cold working processes; load estimation for bulk (forging, rolling, extrusion, drawing) and sheet (shearing, deep drawing, bending) metal forming processes; principles of powder metallurgy.

Joining: Physics of welding, brazing and soldering; adhesive bonding; design considerations in welding.

Machining and Machine Tool Operations: Mechanics of machining, single and multi-point cutting tools, tool geometry and materials, tool life and wear; economics of machining; principles of non-traditional machining processes; principles of work holding, principles of design of jigs and fixtures

Metrology and Inspection: Limits, fits and tolerances; linear and angular measurements; comparators; gauge design; interferometry; form and finish measurement; alignment and testing methods; tolerance analysis in manufacturing and assembly.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing: Basic concepts of CAD/CAM and their integration tools.

Production Planning and Control: Forecasting models, aggregate production planning, scheduling, materials requirement planning.

Inventory Control: Deterministic and probabilistic models; safety stock inventory control systems.

Operations Research: Linear programming, simplex and duplex method, transportation, assignment, network flow models, simple queuing models, PERT and CPM.