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Honors English Literature & Composition 1

literature & writing class online for 9th grade homeschool
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Honors English Literature & Composition 1 is designed for advanced 9th graders (14+) and up seeking an early high school class that will acquaint you with the art of examining and writing about literature analytically, writing soundly and creatively, reading introspectively, and hammering down grammar and punctuation skills. Through analytical reading and discussion of novels, short stories, and poems–along with targeted essay writing–you will develop the literary language necessary for higher-level courses.  Beginning with Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and ending with a piece of equally imaginative contemporary literature , you’ll learn to discuss reading and writing in terms both figurative and literal.

Active and Interactive
This asynchronous class is highly interactive. Students can expect to participate in ongoing literature discussion forums, read and comment on each others’ writing projects, and debate with one another in a friendly, encouraging environment. You will work independently on your grammar, with daily exercises in a grammar workbook and frequent quizzes to help you stay on track and hone your writing skillfulness. Your vocabulary work will consist of words taken directly from your reading, and you’ll have a chance to add words to that list through the annotation process. Literary analysis exercises will include independent reading and collaborative assignments, where you will be uploading your work to forums in your Moodle classroom  for feedback from the instructor and from your classmates.

Honing Your Writing

Writing in Honors English 1 is tailored for students who feel the need for more practice composing and editing paragraphs that utilize sound grammar and punctuation, a variety of sentence structures and word choices, topic sentences and closing sentences, and integrated support quotes and commentary. But you will also be stretched beyond these aspects with individual feedback to help develop your style as a writer, both analytically and creatively. 


Writing will start with the basics and move you toward the ability to confidently compose an analytical essay and research paper. Shorter writing assignments will help you practice constructing sound thesis statements and strong topic sentences, while you learn the indents, headings, and citation style of MLA formatting. 


Learning Lit Language

From the most obvious allusion to difficult-to-discern irony, literary devices will become familiar tools as you annotate and excavate your way to becoming a more discerning reader and writer. By the end of this adventurous course, the Honors English 1 student will be as well equipped as Sir Gawain at the end of his journey–capable of rising to the challenge of future English endeavors.

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English for adults

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