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Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration

J.D./M.B.A. students must satisfactorily complete course requirements for both the J.D. and M.B.A. degree programs. In addition to the J.D. and M.B.A. degrees, a Joint Program Certificate will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the program.

The J.D./M.B.A. program requires completion of 124 academic credits (76 credits of Law Center courses and 48 credits of M.B.A. work, with 9 credits of M.B.A. coursework counted toward the J.D. degree and 9 credits of J.D. coursework counted toward the M.B.A. degree). The program also requires: (1) completion of the graduation requirements of both programs; (2) maintenance of a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00/4.00 in the M.B.A. program and the required minimum cumulative grade point average for the J.D. program (see the Juris Doctor Program chapter of the Georgetown Law Student Handbook of Academic Policies); and (3) specific upperclass J.D. courses that must be taken to fulfill distribution requirements for either the Corporate Law or Public Policy focus, as outlined below.

The required 124 J.D./M.B.A. academic credits are distributed as follows:

  • 30 credits of the required first-year law program;
  • 46 credits in upperclass law courses, including:
    • Professional Responsibility and
    • satisfactory completion of the upperclass legal writing requirement.
    • Students matriculating in Fall 2016 or later must also complete 6 credits of experiential coursework.
    • Credit requirements will vary depending upon the student’s choice of courses within the Corporate Law or Public Policy focus area, as described below;
  • 36 credits of required M.B.A. core classes. Core classes include Structure of Global Industries (SGI), Financial Reporting Fundamentals, Financial Markets and Corporate Decision Making, Managerial Statistics, Firm Analysis and Strategy, Analysis and Reporting of Financial Information, Marketing Analysis and Customer Strategy, Leadership & Social Intelligence, Analytical Problem Solving, Operations, and Business and Public Policy in a Global Economy. As a part of your electives, you will also take one Integrative Learning Experience.; and
  • 12 credits of M.B.A. core and elective classes in the second, third, and/or fourth year. Specifically, students will take Principled Leadership in Business & Society and the Global Business Experience in their third year.

Corporate Law Focus

In addition to the core requirements, students selecting the corporate law focus must complete:

  • 12 credits of required business-related law courses taken in the third and fourth years, which include Corporations, Taxation I, and Taxation II; and
  • 6 additional credits of business-related law courses to be taken in the third or fourth year.

Public Policy Focus

In addition to the core requirements, students selecting the public policy focus must complete:

  • 18 credits of required public policy-related law courses taken in the third and fourth years, which include Administrative Law (not required for students who have completed Government Processes in Curriculum B), Constitutional Law II, Corporations, Legislation and Statutory Interpretation (or Legislation), and Taxation I; and
  • 6 additional credits of required public policy-related law courses to be taken in the third or fourth year.

Typical Degree Path

A typical distribution of the 124 academic credits in the J.D./M.B.A. Program:

  • First Year: 31 J.D. credits (including optional 1-credit Week One simulation course)
  • Second Year: 36 M.B.A. credits
  • Third Year: 23 J.D. credits, 9 M.B.A. credits
  • Fourth Year: 22 J.D. credits, 3 M.B.A. credits

For more detailed information, please read the J.D./M.B.A. Joint Degree Handbook .

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JD/MBA (Joint Degree Program)

The School of Law and the College of Business Administration (CBA) offer joint programs in legal and administrative studies JD/MBA. This combination  may be of interest to students preparing for careers in such areas as corporate law. or legal practice in government. The total amount of time required to complete a joint degree program is shorter than the time required to complete both programs independently because some required courses in one college fulfill course requirements in the other college. The reciprocal acceptance of course credits by each school is the essence of the joint program.

Admission Requirements

In order to pursue the JD/MBA cooperative program, the student must apply to, and be accepted by, both the School of Law and the College of Business Administration. Students should apply to the School of Law first. Once accepted the student can then use their LSAT in place of the GMAT for their College of Business Administration application. The student should contact each college independently for information concerning admission criteria and procedures. Individuals with baccalaureate degrees in any field of study are eligible to apply for a joint program.

Application Deadline

  • July 15 for Fall enrollment
  • November 15 for Spring enrollment
  • April 15 for Summer enrollment

International Student Applications

It is recommended that international students apply one month prior to these dates to allow time for admission and I-20 visa processing.  I-20 forms are processed by the Office of International Programs.

The School of Law should be contacted for its application deadline information.

Additional Information

This program provides an unparalleled opportunity for MBA students. Akron’s Law School is consistently rated as a best school due in part to the high passage rate of its graduates. It is also known for its program in intellectual property rights. As business continues to be more globally intertwined and these rights are something that every manager should be aware of.
MBA Gateway Courses (0-12 credits)
6200:601Financial Accounting3
6400:602Managerial Finance3
6400:655Government and Business3
3250:600Foundations of Economic Analysis3
6700:695Gateway Internship*3
*Required for students with no work experience; taken for credit but not applied toward graduation requirements.

Gateway courses may be waived based on recent comparable coursework or waiver exams.

MBA Proficiencies 

Students must show proficiency in the following areas critical to success in the MBA:

  • Microsoft Excel/Spreadsheets 
  • Writing 
  • Quantitative Skills/Statistics 
MBA Professional Courses* (6 credits)
6700:689Leading and Influencing (required in year 1, first semester)1
6700:691Professional Integrity1
6700:693Negotiations in the Workplace1
6500:601Business Analytics and Information Strategy3
MBA Core Courses* (18 credits)
6200:610Process Analysis and Cost Management3
6400:674Strategic Financial Decision Making3
6500:670Management of Supply Chain and Operations3
6500:652Managing People in Organizations3
6600:620Strategic Marketing3
6800:605International Business Environments3

*All core and Professional courses require Excel, writing and statistics proficiency prior to enrollment.

MBA Action Learning Course (0-3 credits)

The Action learning course CAN be satisfied within the concentration

Concentration: Interdisciplinary (9-12 credits)

(May be up to 6 credits of Law transfer courses as approved by the College, or up to 9 credits for Interdisciplinary)

MBA Integrative Course
6500:695 Organizational Strategy*
(*Restricted to Students graduating within two semesters)
Total Credit Hours48-51

Assistantship/Scholarship Information

Not all departments offer graduate assistantships. Students should inquire with the department directly to determine assistantship availability.

Financial Aid Information

Paying for college is a vital part of the education process. It is important to be informed of the many sources of aid available. Student loans are available to degree-seeking graduate students. Information on student loans can be found through the Office of Student Financial Aid . The Office of Student Financial Aid is located in Simmons Hall.

Tuition and Fees

Current tuition and fees schedules can be found through the Office of Student Accounts .

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For More Information:

Program Home: JD/MBA (Joint Degree Program)

Degrees Offered:
JD Juris Doctor
MBA Master of Business Admin

Program Contact:

[email protected]

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