North Carolina Real Estate CE

North Carolina Real Estate CE


North Carolina Online Real Estate Education

Your requirements: Brokers and Salespersons in North Carolina are required to complete 8 hours of continuing education each year. Each licensee must take the 4-hour core course (offered in a classroom setting only) and 4 hours of electives. All licensees must submit their annual continuing education requirement no later than June 10, and renew their license no later than June 30 each year. Our continuing education courses are currently pending approval.

We provide: 300 question real estate practice exam and real estate professional development courses in HD VIDEO or FULL NARRATION with PRINTABLE TEXT


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North Carolina Real Estate Continuing Education

North Carolina Requires 18 Hours of CE every 3 Years.

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North Carolina Real Estate Exam Prep

Want to become a Real Estate Agent?

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North Carolina Real Estate
Professional Development

Take your Real Estate career to the next level

Professional Development Courses





Code of Ethics is Required for NAR Membership Renewal Before 12/31

NAR Code of Ethics

3 Hour Course | Online HD Video Class | Instructor:  Gwyn Besner
Learn the standards of practice expected of licensed real estate professionals including their duties to clients, the public, and other agents. The course will fully explain the NAR code of ethics and provide several case studies to illustrate key points.

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Continuing Education Course



NC Statute requires that the licensee complete their course within 30 days of purchase

O/L Real Estate Disclosure Laws | North Carolina Approval #3468

4 Elective Credit Hours | Online Fully Narrated Class | Instructor:  Jenny Mac Dowell
This course covers the disclosure laws real estate agents must adhere to, transactions in which they will come across these requirements and case law to illustrate real-life scenarios as well as the standards outlined by Fair Housing law.

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Real Estate Professional Development

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

0 Credit Hours | Online HD Video Class | Instructor: Josh Francis
Learn the ins and outs of social media marketing from experts that work in both social media and real estate.  Use these tools and tricks to upgrade your personal and professional profiles, drive leads, and increase business.

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Personal Safety and Self Defense

0 Credit Hours | Online HD Video Class | Instructor:  Preston L. Taylor
Sgt. Taylor has used his 20+ years experience to develop specific self-defense tactics for the real-life scenarios real estate professionals find themselves in every day.  These simple techniques will give you the edge in a dangerous situation.

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Drones in Real Estate

0 Credit Hours | Online HD Video Class | Instructor:  Greg MacMaster
Real estate agents are raving about the benefit of using drones for marketing materials. This class will familiarize real estate agents with the rules and regulations that must be followed to operate commercial drones.

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0 Credit Hours | Online HD Video Class | Instructor:  Gwyn Besner
Even the most successful businesses can fail if they don’t understand the tax ramifications of the decisions they make.  This course will guide you through 1031 exchanges, depreciation, loss and the benefits of real property ownership.

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Real Estate Exam Prep

Real Estate 300 Question Practice Exam

Exam Prep | Instructor:  Gwyn Besner
This 300 question practice exam is to help you pass the PSI exam.

It is the closest practice exam to the real test!

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257,154 Courses Taken

I thought your course was great! It’s easy to understand, simple and efficient.  See you in two years!

Angelica Dutra from Sunrise, FL

The phone conversations with Ellen and Brenda were absolutely delightful. Rarely have I had the pleasure to deal with such totally professional and able persons like you two. Courses were easy to understand.

Donald Davis from Pittsfield, MA

Your Florida courses are excellent!  I learned a lot and enjoyed the course.  You make it easy for those of us who are not computer savvy

David Edenfield from Gulf Breeze Florida

Your courses are inexpensive with an easy to use platform. Much more convenient than taking time off work to go to a live course. I like that I can do it on my own time, VERY CONVENIENT!

Adam Madison from St. George, UT

Explained everything so it was understandable.

Ken F.

I have used Red Vector for years and tried your site this time.  I was very pleased – it was easy to use and I appreciated that. This tends to be a boring job (taking CE courses) and I like to work outside, but I enjoyed the course and it was informative too!  And… you answer the phone!

T. Kever from Greensboro, FL

Well worth it! I would pay for the course even if it wasn’t for continuing education… . I would absolutely take a class from Certified Training Institute for my next renewal.

Brian Brown from OR

Hello Gwyn,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!  I took my real estate salesperson class online presented by you through Certified Training Institute. I took my State of Michigan exam yesterday and passed!  All of your tricks and stories really helped me. I just had to say thanks!

Kristine Plotinski

Kristine Plotinski

The course was very informative and well put together. I’ve taken many classes and this was one of the better online courses I’ve taken. I truly enjoyed it!

Dominic Coloutes from Florida

This was a great course. The instructor was very knowledgeable.

Anthony D.

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Triangle Institute of Real Estate

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The Broker Pre-Licensing Course INCLUDES the required textbook and online study materials.

The Broker Prelicensing course is the first step to getting your Real Estate License. This course meets the requirements established by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission for qualifying to take the real estate license exam.

Triangle Institute of Real Estate uses class lecture, online study material, games and interactive technology to create an interactive environment for all ages learners. Topics studied include North Carolina license law, contracts and closings, agency relationships, land use control and other important topics to launch your Real Estate career.

Sept 11th-October 23rd, Tues & Thurs, 9:15am-4:30pm, $445, Tiffany Stiles, Register Now

Oct 3rd-Dec 3rd,Mon & Wed & Sat,6-10pm,$445,Matt Davies, Register Now


 Triangle Institute of Real Estate offers all three courses to satisfy the NC Real Estate Commission’s post-licensing course of study. These courses allow you to remove your provisional status from your license and will prepare real estate licensees for practicing as full brokers.

Broker Relations

More Coming Soon!

Contracts & Closings

Sept 10th-Sept 19th,Mons & Weds,9am-5:30pm,$220,Matt Davies, Register Now


Selected Topics

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General Update

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