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A List Of Great Problem Solution Essay Topics For Middle School

In order to create a list of topics for problem solution essays, it is necessary to know what a problem solution essay is. Also since the essays are going to be written by middle school students, the topics have to be appropriate for their age level.

A problem solution essay is an article written to explain a particular drawback that is important to the writer. Once he explains the difficulty, he tries to explain to his readers why it is so important that the crisis be solved. The writer needs to be descriptive here so he can create some kind of emotion in the reader make him understand why the issue needs to be solved. The author can mention a personal experience to reinforce the reasons why the dilemma needs a solution. After that, the writer gives two or three possible solutions to the challenge. He then argues why one of the solutions would be the best and explains why others would not. He concludes the problem solution essay by convincing the reader that the solution you chose is best and why. Try to be descriptive enough to show the audience what life would be like if the issue was solved.

Since middle school students are writing these essays, we need to brainstorm about the life of a middle school student. Think about what kinds of issues a teenager may experience. Try to put yourself in their world and think about issues they encounter throughout the day. Break the day in the life of a middle school student up into segments. For example:

  • Home life
  • School time
  • Sports teams
  • Town you live in

Now think of areas where challenges may occur at each of these segments:

  • Home life – Parents are divorced, domestic violence, sexual abuse, unemployed parents, not enough money to pay bills
  • School time – Bullying, cafeteria food, overcrowded classes, peer pressure, drugs, drinking
  • Sports teams – Poor sports equipment, try-outs, practice times, poor coaching, sexual abuse
  • Town you live in – Afraid of terrorists, driving while intoxicated, no parks and play areas, no recreational groups

Once you have identified what types of areas there could be difficulties, now you can brainstorm about specific problems in each of these areas. Some examples would be:

  1. How can we help friends who are getting beaten at home?
  2. How can we stop bullying in school?
  3. How can we convince teenagers to drive safely?
  4. How can we get healthier food in the cafeteria?
  5. How can we get better equipment for basketball?
  6. How can we build a baseball diamond in our town park?
  7. How can we help our family through a money crisis?
  8. How can we help prevent terrorist attacks in our own town?
  9. How can we stop peer pressure to do drugs?
  10. How can we get teachers to help us learn better?

Once we walk in the shoes of a middle school student for a day or two, we can see what problems they may encounter. Once that happens, we have numerous topics that we can address. This process can be used by the student themselves also to find a topic that they may specifically want to fix.

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