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Elementary Science Fair 2019 and Beyond

  • The GISD elementary science exploration opportunities are evolving for the 2018-2019 school year!

    At the campus level, science exploration may continue in the form of a campus science fair OR it may morph into a new medium altogether!  Stay tuned to your individual campus to see what exciting science opportunities are in store for this year.

    Regardless of the individual campus offerings, parents may continue to self-enter their students to the TWU Science Fair!  See the TWU website for information and directions:

Secondary Science Fair for 2018-19 School Year

  • The GISD secondary science exploration opportunities are evolving for the 2018-2019 school year! 

    Middle school students may self-enter to the TWU Science Fair at . 

    Middle school and high school students wishing to enter the Fort Worth Regional Science & Engineering Fair must contact the Granbury High School Science Fair Sponsor (Priscilla Lumbreras:   [email protected] ) by the end of September.  

    Note that GISD will no longer host a secondary district-level fair in order to increase the number of projects eligible to compete at the regional levels and beyond. 

    Stay tuned to your individual secondary campus for additional science exploration opportunities!


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  • Basic Steps in Preparing a
    Science Project

    1. Choose a topic that allows you to do an experiment to answer a question. A science project of an experiment is much more impressive that a demonstration of something you already know or have read in a book.
    2. Make a guess, called a hypothesis, about what you think is going to happen when you perform your experiment.
    3. The purpose tells why you are doing your science project and what you hope to learn.
    4. Read books and articles about the subject you choose. (maybe do this after experimenting)
    5. Collect the needed material for your experiment.
    6. Write the step by step procedure you plan to follow to perform your experiment.
    7. Write your daily procedure, date, observations, and results in your log or journal. Your log should be handwritten record of your experiment.
    8. Show your observations and the results of your experiment with charts and graphs. Take pictures or make drawings of your experiment.
    9. To prove the results of your experiment it is often necessary to repeat the experiment at least three times. Most experiments require more that one test sample or subject.
    10. Limit the variables of your experiment. Each experiment should test only one variable at a time.
    11. Each experiment should include a control for comparison.
    12. Write your conclusion and compare what actually happened to your hypothesis. It is fine if your hypothesis is proved wrong.

    All research, experimenting, collecting, data, and preparing the charts and display must be done by the student. No substantial help is permitted; however, guidance knowledge, and encouragement is acceptable. Parents and mentors are encouraged to work with the students to teach the procedures of actually conducting a scientific experiment using the scientific method and ultimately constructing a science project. The student must acknowledge, in writing, any help received with the science project. Remember, this is a learning experience for the student.

    The science project experiment must be performed and the display must be prepared by the student during the current school year. Multi-year projects must show a new problem being investigated. The display should show only experimentation performed during the current school year, Include with the display, a current log, as well as, the log from all previous years of a multi-year project.

    The science project display should clearly show what the experiment was about and that the scientific method was followed during the experiment. The science project must be displayed on a tri-fold board that may be purchased locally, and may be available for purchase at each school. The science project must be set up on a small table, and a card table is recommended.

    Tables are not furnished in the Oxford School District Science Fairs or the Region 7 Mississippi Science and Engineering Fairs (local fairs and regional fairs). Each exhibitor must supply his/her own table.

    • 76 em (30 in.) deep
    • 122 cm (48 in.) wide
    • 274 cm (108 in.) high
    • 91 em (36 in.) maximum table height
    The drawing of the science project is a guideline of the information that should be shown on the charts.

    The drawing of the science project is a guideline of the information that should be shown on the charts. Your display may be different, but should include the same information. Your question may also be your title. Photographs, graphs, charts, and drawings should be used to show the procedure, observations, and results of your experiment.

    Write your name, grade, and teacher’s name on the BACK of your science project display. Do not include your name anywhere on the front of the display or your log. Pictures of the exhibitor may be included on the display when they show the student working on his/her science project. Side views are acceptable; face-on posed shots are not acceptable. The exhibitor must have written permission to include pictures of human subjects anywhere on the display.

    Electricity is available for science projects of students in grades 7-12. If electricity is required, this must be indicated on the registration form. No electricity is available for science projects of students in grades 1-6; however, DC dry cell power sources may be used.

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