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Selected Recent MA Thesis Titles

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List of Thesis Topics in Education

May 2016

education thesis topicsEducation is a vast field, one which focuses on teaching and learning theories. As someone studying education, it is likely that you will go on to advance the academic world by sharing what you know now and what you will learn in the future.

This writing assignment is one which offers you the opportunity to expound upon an area of education and the list of thesis topics in education will make everything even more possible:

  1. Adult Education Growth: How Economic Failure Encourages the Acquisition of New Skills
  2. Government Responsibility: Why Governments Should Encourage Adult Education in the Form of Vocational Programs
  3. Why We Should Encourage Adult Education Courses on Wealth Building and Personal Finance
  4. Whether Homeschooled Children can Handle Social Challenges
  5. Why Homeschooled Children Have Fewer Behavioral Problems
  6. The Need for Homeschool Standards across All the States
  7. Why Public Schools Should Allow Student Involvement in Meal Planning
  8. Why Public Schools Should Offer Cooking, Health, and Meal Choice Courses to Encourage Healthy Eating
  9. What Factors Are Encouraging Parents to Keep Kids out of Public School: Should Public Schools Be Closed?
  10. How Parent Participation in Private Schools Leads to a Better Academic Performance
  11. Whether Private Schools Emphasize Personality and Character More Than Public Schools
  12. Are Montessori Schools More Effective than Public Schools?
  13. Are Teachers Today Less Passionate and Skilled Compared to before?
  14. How Does the Educational System Handle the Shortage of Teachers in Public Schools?
  15. Does the University System Prepare Students for the Pending Labor Shortage?
  16. Does University Education without Practical Workplace Experience Disenfranchise Students from Career Success?
  17. Should Standardized Testing for High School Be Replaced?
  18. Preparing for the Road Ahead: Why High School Should Emphasize Environmental Education and Engineering to Meet with Water and Resource Shortage
  19. How Religious Education Could Increase Religious and Racial Tolerance
  20. Does Preschool Better Prepare Students for Social Situations?

It is incumbent upon you to select a topic which is narrow and well defined. You should avoid a topic that is not really related to the field, as it will be difficult for you to generate sufficient interest in your work if that is the case.

You have to remember that the ability to market the topic you have selected might change over the course of a few years especially as new developments in the field are taking place. Do not feel obligated to select something which relates to the newest craze in your field of study and instead focus directly on something which can provide meaningful information. You should search for a topic which will not only maintain the attention of your readers but maintain your attention as you start the writing process as you will have to defend it later on.

Otherwise you can contact our thesis writing service to have your education academic paper written by PhD experts.

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NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

Department of Applied Statistics, Social Science, and Humanities

MA in Sociology of Education

Selected Recent MA Thesis Titles

Daisy Alfaro. Tracking in a Racially Homogenous High School: The Post-Secondary Outcomes of Tracked Latina/o Students.

Stewart Burns. Equity and Access in New York City’s High School Choice Policy: A Quantitative Analysis of School Supply, Quality, and Distribution.

Fernando Javier Camberos. Achieving a Multicultural Guatemalan State through Empowerment Education.

Jessica Coffrin-St. Julien. Educating “Everybody Else’s Children:” Immigration and Education Policy in Arizona and Alabama .

Lindsay Daschle. Knowledge and Power: History as an Instrument of Social Control in South Africa’s Public Secondary Schools.

Alli Dunn. Content and Construct Validity of the DRSTOS-R: Multiple Perspectives on the Assessment of Teacher Quality at New York University.

Linsey Edwards. Coming from Where I’m from: Racial Identity and Achievement of Suburban Black Students.

Wes Edwards. A Measurement of College Preparedness for Limited English Proficiency Students: A Statewide Study.

Casey Escola. Teaching Empathy, Uncovering the Need for Greater Emotional and Social Learning in Early Childhood Education .

Erica Fry. Science and Ideology in Education Policy: The Case of Abstinence-Only Sexuality Education.

Emmanuel Garcia.  Sociology in Urban High Schools: Stimulating Engagement Through Relevant and Meaningful Learning .

Tatevik Garibyan. Social Policy or Big Business: Federal Financial Aid for Higher Education .

Dana Grayson. The Politics of No Child Left Behind: How Are Competing Interests Influencing the Reauthorization of the Adequate Yearly Progress Provision?

Nora M. Gross.  True to Norm: A Literature Review of Socially-Constructed Student Typologies and Their Consequences . 

Martha Hantzandreou. 3 Letters, 2 Outcomes, 1 Document… The IEP: Its Importance and Impact on Academic and Personal Growth for Students with Disabilities.

Stephanie Renee Harz. Children in Foster Care that Receive Special Education Services: Education and Foster Care Attributes that Correlate with High and Low Academic Achievement.

Sarah Hoppe. Similar Intentions, Divergent Results: The Migration of Waldorf Education and the Reggio Emilia Approach to American Soil.

Elizabeth Jose. Strong Women Start on a Bicycle: How Girls-Only Bicycle Empowerment Programs Can Help Urban Girls Grow Up To Be Strong Women

Shera R. Kenney. Public Single-Sex Education and Disadvantaged Males.

Loni Kirk. Early Literacy Instruction and Socioeconomic Status: A Content Analysis of Two Popular New York City Programs.

Dena Lagomarsino. Living in the Contradictions: LGBTQ Educators and Socially Just Pedagogies.

Eric Lam. Schools and Community Based Organizations: Linkages as Leverage to Social Capital.

Yader Lanuza. I Am a Good Student, Too: Academic Engagement and Academic Achievement at Brooklyn Academy High School.

Cameron M. Lewis. High Stakes for High Schoolers: Mapping the California High School Exit Exam through its Formation in State-Level Education Policy-Making Processes.

Christina López. Math Education in NYC’s Disadvantaged Schools: Bridging Connections between Teacher Quality and Eighth Grade Math Test Scores.

Candice Miller. Crossover Youth: The Failure of Federal and State Policy.

Emmanuel Moses. Narrowing and Moving Beyond the “Academic Achievement Gap”: The Use of Afterschool Programs in Supporting the Development of “At Risk” Adolescents.

Lila Nazar de Jaucourt. Differentiated Access: How Family Background Shapes School Choice Information.

Yoto Ooka. A Study of Head Start through the Lens of Its Purpose and Effectiveness.

Harshi Patel. Professional Development: NYC Elementary and Middle Schools.

Nirmal Patel. Alcohol Usage during Adolescence.

Nina Pessin-Whedbee. Bringing Politics Back to Community: Make the Road NY and Collective Housing Rights in New York City.

Sarah Pfeifer. “A Seat at the Table”: Social Justice through Environmental Education.

Wandaly Rentas. A Meta-analysis of After-school Programs Aimed at Positive Youth Development: Exploring the Application of the Community Action for Youth Development Framework to After-school Program Evaluation.

Samantha Saghera. Where Have All the Puerto Rican Organizations Gone?: A Tale of Two Nuyorican Non-Profits.

Elizabeth A. Samuel. The Power of Self: Enhancing the Achievement of African American Students .

Sabrina R. Sanchez. Social Justice, Equity and Democracy in Teacher Preparation: Preparing Future Teachers for Diverse Populations; Evidence through National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Jennifer Schwartz. Moving towards Universal Pre-kindergarten: Lessons from Oklahoma and New York.

Nina Spierer. Finding the Unicorn Within: Re-Imagining LGBTQ Safe Space for Youth through Drag.

Cristina Sosa. The Social, Economic and Educational Characteristics of Mexicans in New York City.

Anthony W. Tellish. An In-Depth Investigation of Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policies in American Schools.

Sara Trongone. Towards an Egaliatarian Philosophy of Praxis: Exploring the Educative Moment in Ranciere’s Politics.

Kathryn Wanner. Integrating Discourses: How High School Culture Contributes to or Mitigates against Sexual Violence and LGBTQ Violence.

Casey Philip Wong.  The Pedagogy and Education of the Black Panther Party: Confronting the Reproduction of Social and Cultural Inequality .

Simone D. Young. The Rebirth, Rebuilding, and Renewal of Public Education: A Case Study of the Post-Katrina New Orleans Charter School Movement.

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