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Celas Maya offers language
study in an environment
of rich linguistic diversity.
With a total of 24 languages,
including 21 distinct Mayan
dialects, Guatemala is a
multilingual nation.

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Celas Maya Spanish School is an institution with a wide offer in products and services. We have several education programs in which Spanish or K�iche studies can be combined with complementing courses, and an online school. Additionally, the students of Celas Maya can always use the following facilities:

  • optional accommodation in home stays or our guest house
  • Participation in our cultural activities program
  • Optional participation in our free volunteer program
  • Access to our libraries and café Gurú
  • Free internet access and wi-fi for 5 hours per week
  • Free coffee, tea, purified water
  • Bread and cookies in the break
  • Free ping pong

These are the educational programs that Celas Maya offers: (Please make them as a link, with the links I wrote below them).

Spanish Immersion Course

K´iche Immersion Course

Spanish & Volunteering

Spanish & Salsa

Celas Maya Online School

DELE Preparation Course

University group programs

University Credits

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»  Quetzaltenango

CELAS Maya Spanish School

Founded in 1999, Celas Maya is a private institution with an intercultural vision, ever-conscious of the economic, social and political oppression of the Mayan population within Guatemala. We offer intensive, one-on-one Spanish or K’iche’ language classes with a member of our excellent teaching staff who all are certified with diplomas in the teaching of Spanish as a second language. In addition to theoretical training on methodologies of immersion instruction, the teachers have practical experience in teaching for between 3 and 12 years. They have worked with students of a variety of learning styles and levels of previous experience (total beginners to advanced students). Celas Maya is set apart through the quality and professionalism of our services. We have an experienced, enthusiastic staff offering personal attention and excellent service to help you make the most of your stay. In addition to one-on-one language classes, our school also offers students a wide variety of cultural and educational activities that provide them with the opportunity to learn about Guatemalan culture and society, visit areas outside of Quetzaltenango, practice their language skills, and get to know other students, teachers, and local people. Finally, most students also choose to live with a Guatemalan host family in order to have a truly immersive learning experience. Students study in a beautiful and spacious courtyard garden located two blocks away from the Parque Centroamérica and the center of Quetzaltenango. Profits from our language programs support our scholarship program for rural Maya youth. Our Internet Café also supports nine non-governmental organizations with free computer and Internet support. Tuition includes – Five hours a day, five days a week of one-on-one intensive Spanish or K’iche’ language classes. – Seven day stay with a local host family providing three meals a day Monday through Saturday. – Participation in our cultural activities program. We offer activities 5 days a week, M-F, and on either Saturday or Sunday we take a trip outside of Xela. – Five hours of free internet access per week, Monday through Friday, in our own Internet Café. -Free coffee, tea, and water available for students during classes. Fresh bread provided during class breaks. – Access to our library and videocafé. We have fiction and non-fiction in English, Spanish, and various other languages. There are books on Guatemalan and Latin American history and politics in addition to textbooks, dictionaries, verb manuals and more to supplement your class. We also have films and documentaries about Guatemala and Latin America in Spanish and English, many with subtitles. – Assistance for interested and qualified students to find appropriate volunteer work opportunities in the Quetzaltenango region. Please inquire for more details by e-mail or in our office. Icaro Tours We have a travel agency attached to our school which is available to answer any questions or queries you may have about traveling in Guatemala, free of charge. Because the agency arranges the trips together with the school, students rarely lose any study time or time spent organizing individual trips – leaving more time to focus on studying Spanish! Our students also receive a discount on all of the tours. Study Hours Students studying five hours a day can study from 8am to 1pm or from 2pm to 7pm. You may also choose to study fewer or more hours. Celas Maya Online School Celas Maya has transferred its one-on-one teaching style to the net. Students can begin or continue Spanish classes from their home, office, or wherever they are. DELE exam at Celas Maya Celas Maya Spanish School offers the DELE-exam, the only official Spanish exam. Spanish & Salsa One of the unique aspects of Celas Maya is that students have the opportunity to learn the Spanish language not only through the word, but also through the soul and the body, in all of its sensuality. Spanish & Volunteer Our volunteer coordinator has knowledge of the organizations and can advice the student to find the best possible volunteer placement. At Celas Maya it is possible to combine Spanish classes with volunteer work without losing any study time. University Credits Celas Maya offers transferable university credits.

School name:CELAS Maya Spanish School

Address:6a Calle 14-55

Zip & city:Zona 1 Quetzaltenango

Phone:(502) 7761-4342



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CELAS Maya Spanish School Language School Location

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GSA Contract Holder

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CELAS Maya Spanish Student/Teacher Scholarship

Information about the CELAS Maya Spanish School:

Founded in 1999, Celas Maya is a private institution with an intercultural vision, ever conscious of the economic, social and political oppression of the Mayan population within Guatemala.  We offer intensive, one-on-one Spanish or K’iche’ language classes with a member of our excellent teaching staff who all are certified with diplomas in the teaching of Spanish as a second language.

In addition to one-on-one language classes, our school also offers students a wide variety of cultural and educational activities that provide them with the opportunity to learn about Guatemalan culture and society, visit areas outside of Quetzaltenango, practice their language skills, and get to know other students, teachers, and local people. CELAS Maya Spanish School offers one (1) scholarship through ACTFL for Summer 2018. Scholarship recipients can choose to study during any two consecutive weeks during the summer but the study program must be completed by August 31, 2018.

The course is geared to Spanish teachers and includes 5 hours per day (25 hours per week) of one-to-one Spanish instruction using materials that focus on the history and culture of Guatemala that will develop language proficiency and critical thinking skills. Afternoon and weekend excursions help students experience the culture, traditions, lifestyle and history of the region, with an emphasis on ancient Mayan culture.

The scholarship includes:

  • Tuition and learning materials
  • Home stay accommodations and meals
  • Guided day trips to site in/or around Quetzaltenango

Scholarship winner is responsible for all travel to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala and any personal expenses or optional activities while here.

To be eligible a candidate must be:

  • Current ACTFL member (membership must be paid through March 2018 to be eligible)
  • Able to demonstrate high level of interest and motivation for the course of study offered by scholarship
  • Able to show institutional support
  • Willing to share the experience gained with colleagues and others
  • A non-native Spanish speaker

Additional information about Celas Maya Spanish School:

Please note: you must be logged in and an ACTFL member to access the application form, please contact [email protected] if you cannot remember your login information.

1-2 letters of support should be submitted on your behalf. Please share the link below with a colleague or supervisor to complete by the application deadline.


Application Form      Recommendation Form


The deadline to apply for this award is March 31, 2018. Applicants will be notified of a decision by the end of April 2018.

Questions? Contact [email protected] .

The programs described on this page are provided solely for the information of ACTFL members. These are not ACTFL programs, and they have not been subjected to any review or vetting by ACTFL. Their presence here does not constitute an endorsement by ACTFL. One can apply for multiple scholarships. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Previous winners of a scholarship are not eligible to apply for the same scholarship.


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